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Saferali was the man who cames to turkmensahra and live with Turkmens. There is not any information about the origin of the saferali however it things that he asked to live with the Sunni moslim Turkmens. Some belive that he is a selcuk. The people who have not an origin of Turkmen are called as gullar. He accepted by Tomaj tribes of the Turkmens and lived with them. So they accepted as tomaj amoung the Turkmens. This is a good sample about the fact that Turkmens are people who have a great humanity, and in the countrary of the common believes, they are close to other nationalities.

Safarali ‘s Sons

Ismail , Guchgeldi

Ismail‘s Son

Saferali , Berkely , Halet , Hojaniyazakhund , Goljan

Halet ‘s Sons

Gurban Jan , Anjan , Haji Majan , Aman , Haji , Hajigolniyaz

Haji Majan and his wife Ogul Tuvag

The marjani family is coming from the name majan which is a Turkmen name,

To read and use easyly in Persian they used name marjani, which is a Persian name.

Starting from Haji majan the surnames are used are marjani.

Before this, the surname “Dasi” was used. (Das means reaping Hook)

Its says that, Haji majan used reaping hook perfectly.

Majan is coming from bajan (babajan, Papajan, Dear Father) like mamajan which means Dear Mother.

Sometimes “B“ became to “M” in turkmen.

Haji Majan's sons
AbdurrahmanRahmatollah AbdolkerimJabbar - Hamid
Haji Majan's Daughter

Rahmatollah Marjani 

Rahmatollah's wife Meret Bibi
(Ashur Sofi's Daughter)

Hamid Marjani

Rahmatollah Marjani's Sons
Majid-Aman Agha-Abdolhekim-Araz Mohammed-Tadj Mohammed
& Daughters

Ogul Taj    -    Naimeh    -    Hadijeh    -    Zeleyha

Abdolhekim Marjani's Son

Dr. Farzad Marjani
Civil Engineer, Ph.D.

Dr. Farzad Marjani's Son
Aydin Marjani

a memeber of